Hi!  I am posting again after renovating, selling, building and re-locating.......... simply exhausting and so exciting.............!

The processes of moving beyond the domination of pain, trauma and loss  invite you into presence, grace, honesty, love, determination, responsibility, tenacity, warmth, creativity, humour, intuition and  profound courage.  Please be very still, even for just a moment, and consider carefully want you wish to create? Will it be more of the same?  Will you choose to develop and nurture a truly loving relationship with yourself- especially when you are exquisitely vulnerable?

An unconditional loving relationship with yourself is not about what you have, what others think of you or where you have been. It is that deep, deep knowing  that we all share if we can move beyond the layers and layers of "generational dust" across all levels of functioning (body, thoughts, feelings, behaviour and relating).

What will you be choosing today, tomorrow and the next day?

© J.N Higgins 2017