Described in the Thesaurus as a "broken heart" or "agony of mind or spirit" or "crushing", Despair is a seemingly very unapproachable travelling companion who appears to take up every tiny bit of space. Associated with feeling powerless, hopeless, desolate and frozen this experience is apparently utterly consuming of joy, passion, delight, love and laughter.

In truth, Despair has some friends who know the openings that can allow transformation. They are called  Listening, Acceptance, Authenticity, Gentle Soothing and Love. These friends are not afraid of or overwhelmed by Despair. They know Despair is in pain and deeply suffering. They see the Essence of Despair as part of and yet simultaneously existing as a witness to her body, thoughts, feelings, behaviours and relationships and her present, past and future. They hold up a loving mirror of spaciousness in which Despair can see herself and learn to show deep compassion - if she so chooses? They don't try to fix Despair. They know that touching and sometimes sitting in the depth and breadth of utter devastation allows connection with the void. In the void and stillness, there is no struggle! This peace can enable perspective and new learning. New learning could be critical for Despair to tentatively, gently and yet surely evolve herself into courage, initiative, flexibility and discernment.

© J.N Higgins 2017